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Deconstructing my christianity.

You may ask if that is the same as losing your faith?

It can be- it is deeply personal- one’s faith. Many people do.

It doesn’t have to be. Where are you at?

In my case- I love Jesus and fully believe and want to follow his teachings/be more like him (often failing- but fully do).

So I keep Christ, while examining my beliefs surrounding- thus – deconstructing christianity.

You may ask how can you do that- they are kinda merged don’t you think?

Well I guess I take the technique of “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”

Ok, so what would I do?
I would put my focus on the baby. Then I would carefully and lovingly remove the baby from the bath water – then I would empty the bathwater.

Pretty simple if you think of it.

So in the same way- I look to Jesus (figurative baby), and remove all else from there.

Then if you want to take it further – the baby needs caring and such- so you see what the baby needs and add from there.

You see Jesus’ life, teachings, examples- and reconstruct, or maybe better- build new from there.

* Reminder: “Simple” does not equate to “easy”.

You are loved.

– R

How does God speak to you?

How does God speak to you?
What language does he speak?
Do you hear him speak?
Do you imagine him speak ever?
Is it a thought, a feeling?
Is it all Shakespearean or King James Version?

I had someone tell me awhile ago that they had a thought… but they were not sure if it was a God-given thought – but they suspect it was – but they were trying not to believe that it was – because it was, and I quote:

“grow the fuck up”

… and they were quite sure that wouldn’t be God because He swore.

I suspect that God speaks to us in ways that we will understand. So sometimes that will be gentle, sometimes repetitive, sometimes poetic, and sometimes it’ll be right down harsh and rough.

As parents, do we not try to guide our kids to grow in character and love? Do we not have to speak with each one differently, and differently at each age and stage? Many times our conversations are very informal, and can be quite random as we live through the logistics of life, but there are certainly times when we need to be firm, and I’m sure it is not just me – but sometimes it feels like we have to repeat ourselves 10,000,000 times.

Ultimately I do truly believe that God isn’t limited in how he communicates with us. So I pray that I will have the ears to hear.

Sometimes in my random talking times with God, I sometimes wonder if he is saying – “Really??!!”

I am thankful

The Struggle

The struggle

Sometimes the struggle is real
Deep, personal
Raw, damaging

Sometimes the struggle is real
Intense, physical
Demanding, draining

Sometimes the struggle is real


Journeying –  thru in times of pain, anguish, frustration, anger.

Journeying – alone, alongside, or from afar. Sometimes stilted, or, methodically walking,  and, at times, even marathoning.

Journeying – is essential for survival, for progress. For new realizations, growth, and times of true thriving.


Sometimes the struggle is real.
In it, around it, through it.
Let’s do it together.

Always thankful – R


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His grace is sufficient

Sometimes His Grace is

His grace is sufficient
For me

… and I am thankful

So if His Grace is sufficient for me…  And I am to be like Him… How can I express “sufficient grace” to others?

– R

Entrance to a new era

The pendulums are swinging
Trees are being shaken
There is a shifting of seasons
Times are changing.

Hopefully – bringing an entrance to a new era.

Things are coming to light
Hidden for generations
Damage has been done
And will continue to be
If we don’t change.

Are we – bringing an entrance to a new era?

Change is scary, disruptive, emotional
Vulnerabilities will be exposed
Change hurts
Do we dare

Bring an entrance to a new era?

Doors are opening
Things are equalizing
Mobilizing, activating
Society recognizing
It is time.

An entrance to a new era.




Rememberance Day and Freedom

It is “Rememberance Day” here in Canada. A day set aside on our calendars to remember those who lost their lives in armed conflict, with the intention of gaining or keeping freedoms.

Lest we forget:

Our freedom to live, exchange ideas, thoughts, opinions, and learn.

Our freedom to grow in character, strength, and resolve, done in honesty.

Our freedom to be silly, appreciate the humour that comes along in our day to day.

Let’s remember to use our freedom to be thankful… to listen… to encourage… to help… to advocate… to respect, and most importantly,

Use our freedom to do this all in love.




#metoo – How many of us?

So in reference again to the #metoo campaign, and the various celebrity/political/religious leader fall outs (people in the public view) that are coming to light… let me ask this:

How many of us have considered the thought that our dear, significant other may in some way or another contributed to someone’s #metoo ?

To truly be aware of how many of the people we know  (and don’t know but see thru social media ) have had unwanted sexual encounters  is frightening.

That being said- how can we not ask the question- within ourselves- within our relationships (no matter how healthy now)?

Which then begs the question… how do we handle it?

Stick our figurative head in the sand?

Approach with anger, expose for all to see no matter what?

Tackle by yourself privately?

Should it depend on how long ago? What exactly it was? Situational? The “grayness” of it?

Seek professional and/or community help?

Now in analyzing this in all of our various circumstances- how do we in turn judge others who do in fact find themselves seriously/literally walking thru this.  Either themselves being exposed for something they did- or their significant other.

Do we jump to mob mentality (see here).

Do we look for false realities/ narratives?

Do we disbelieve  the victims risking adding continued pain to them?

Do we take into account the person in question’s current family… wife/husband/partner, kids, etc.? Their mental and frankly financial impacts?

How do we walk thru this with love, dignity and truth?

Walking towards healing, health, restoration, forgiveness.

How do we take the hard road that includes past and current healing, while implementing future preventatives- thinking of our future generations,

I do not have the answers.

~Oh Lord have mercy. Give us wisdom, strength, healing, restoration, and your true and perfect love. ~


Mob Mentality

Mob mentality

Be careful
It is easy to get sucked into
Rarely- if ever- is it beneficial
Almost- if not always- it is detrimental
Never have I seen it loving.



“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14



Okey-Dokey vs Okeedoke – Seriously!



Okay, so for years now I have said okey-dokey. I like it- it is a quirky, personable, easy going agreeable statement that lends to my personality (in my humble opinion “IMHO”).

But now that texting is fully incorporated in my everyday life- I want to text how I speak.

So I text “okeedoke”. Why? ‘Cause at first I didn’t know the “proper way” of spelling it.  Now I do…



“Okey-dokey”? Who says “okey” separately from “dokey” anyway? You might say “ok”, or “okay” or 👌 – but “okey”?? Nope
And “dokey” – just doesn’t happen.


“Okeedoke”– it just makes sense! The one word double “ee” centre makes the “O” sound like its name, all whilst making the e’s sound like their name. So that is covered (and efficient might I add). The “e” at the end makes the “o” after the “d” sound like its name- so that is covered.
It is one word like it is said – together-as-one. So that is covered.

Any thing else I should be aware of? (Caveat- I actually don’t really care to know if there is… sorry/not sorry).

My autocorrect on my device corrects to my version of “okeedoke” – it knows me so well (my interpretation = it agrees with me).

So will you join my in my rebellion?


Okeedoke? 😉

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