This page is for me to share things that I have found useful, helpful, enjoyable, perhaps even life-changing and thought provoking in my journey.  Please know that the intention of these links are here to help, support and encourage.  Feel free to browse – maybe smile, maybe cry, maybe wonder where I was in my journey – maybe feel connected to someone else who has struggled with the same things.  Whatever it is, my hope is that it truly helps you.


41N1nP2Wk1L__SL75_“Boundaries in Marriage”. By Townsend and Cloud. Different than other marriage books I had read in the past. As much as they had their place, none of them impacted and helped me as much.  I have read and re-read this book, passed it along to others, recommended it, and certainly wish I had this earlier in my marriage.  Townsend and Cloud do have a whole series of Boundaries books, that I am sure are excellent. I have not read them all, and perhaps many of the points in one will be re-iterated within another but they will I’m sure apply to one or another depending on what season, what struggles one is dealing with. I am currently reading “Beyond Boundaries” by Townsend. I will let you know after I am done about this one.




*Some of these are affiliate links that provide me a small commission if you choose to purchase. I will never post a link here that is for that sole purpose though. All links are purposeful and have directly influenced my life.