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Gentleness- Part 2

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Is there such thing as being too gentle?

Throughout my life I have been considered gentle. While that may be true, I think some of that has been confused with shyness, timidity and fear of “rocking the boat”.

As I learn, grow, and become more self aware; I have come to even more fully come to the conclusion that I want to live my life reflecting Christ in ways that are labelled “The fruits of the spirit”. Basically qualities within a person that reflect their character.

But, how do I ensure healthiness  within myself and my relationships in my life? How do I distinguish between what is gentleness versus what is not.

Gentleness is not being indirect

Gentleness is not avoiding the truth

Gentleness is not non- confrontational

Gentleness does not equate to boring

Gentleness can be reflected in all personality types, all lines of works, all positions of power and non-power

Gentleness is leading all interactions with love and grace. With listening ears, and boldness to speak

Gentleness is exercising self-control in the face of anger

Exuding kindness in the face of hurt

Gentleness is being love to those who perhaps feel unloved

May I reflect this “fruit” in spirit and in truth.

With love and thankfulness.


Good News

What’s my good news?

That I am safe. Safe with Jesus. With God’s love for me. And that you are safe too! God loves you. 

Whether we believe him, love him, hate him, scorn him. He loves us. And his love is perfect, unlike any other love we have seen. 

We are safe with God. We might not be safe at home, at school, at work, or at church. But we are safe with God. 

We can love, hate, and doubt Him. We can yell, cry, ignore him. We are safe. 

We can fight each other here, debate, argue, get frustrated, down right angry. 

We can be hurt, used, abused. Damaged.

That abuse can be done by “us”, “them”, and “others”.  It can be subtle or out right. 

But we can heal, learn, grow, and go. We can confront, correct, forgive, and restore. 


Because we are safe. Safe in Jesus. Safe in God’s ever perfect, never ending love for us. 

Oh how I don’t understand this. But I am thankful. And that is my Good news. 


Lies / Truth

Part 1:

I lied again today, I can’t seem to get rid of this curse.

Whether it be for convenience, or for fear, I don’t know which is worse.

People don’t trust me. I don’t know what to say.

I lied again today, I can’t seem to get rid of this curse.


Part 2:

May my words be Truth. Infused and emboldened by the strength of Love. 

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Bringing freedom in every breath- in every word spoken.

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Lead by Love, followed by grace and understanding.

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Forgiveness received, fears relieved.

     Cracking the curse. 

May my words be Truth.


(This post is dedicated to all the liars, truth tellers, strugglers, enablers, etc… To us Humans.) We are loved, and I am thankful.




Our Stories

Personal, relational, historical, educational, influential.

Our Stories.

Spot drops, deep dives. Literal, metaphorical, amplified, minimized.  

Our Stories.

Truth, lies, helpful, harmful, clear and concise, twisted and winding. Complex and muddied. 

Our Stories.

We all have them-still being written- still being understood/ layered upon/ perhaps dismissed, or altered.

Our Stories. 

What are mine? What are yours? How will they evolve? Will they merge/align? Can we learn from each other’s?

Our Stories.

Painful, Joyful. Boring. Intense. Character development. Plot twists. Growth.

Our Stories.

Personal, relational, historical, educational, influential.

Relevant, useful. Are we listening?

As these are…

Our stories.

… and they are important.


I am thankful


Human Choices

Anytime there are humans around there is a chance for us to pervert and abuse.

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Scouts
  • Teams: hockey, gymnastics…

This has been shown.


Anytime there are humans around there is a chance for us to show true others-serving love.

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Scouts
  • Teams: hockey, gymnastics…

This has been shown


Let us be the humans that do this second option. However imperfect- let us love. 

 So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good.”



God is breath

God is air

God is in everything

Everything is in God

God is life

God cannot be confined 

Yet God allows for confinement

God is infinite

Yet God works with the finite

God makes himself known

Yet God is so unknown

“In Him we live, and move, and have our being” 

Let us search Him out, grasp towards unshackling the mystery. Open up to the greatness of him – yet unknown – yet ever present…

And always loving. 

  • I am thankful 

High School Meanderings – Peace and Fear

Hey – So I visited my old high school recently. Yep. It is closing down so that weekend was meant as a celebration of its legacy.

Immediately I was transported back to being a shy, timid girl who was nervous to talk with anyone. But it was good to walk the halls, chat with the few people that knew me and hear of all the good the school has done over the decades it has been open.

As part of the closing ceremony, Patricia Pearson, the granddaughter of of Lester B Pearson (the school’s namesake), spoke. One quote she shared from her grandpa was this:

“Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear, and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.”

ZING! Oh yes!

This can be seen in so many aspects, opinions, cultures, history throughout the world!

BUT for this writing, I would rather focus inward tying into my lifetime struggles with fear.

“… and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.”

Fear of strangers
Fear of other gender
Fear of same gender
Fear of different
Fear of bugs
Fear of dark
Fear of self
And the list continues…

Fears/anxieties back in high school led me to miss many a day due to “headaches” that eventually led to real physical struggles with headaches for years after. My mental state absolutely influenced my physical state bit by bit.

My fears limited me from meeting and establishing friendships.

My fears stopped me from confronting those who assaulted and harassed me.

My fears second guessed every move I made, every outfit I chose, every word I spoke.

Internally I was anything but peaceful. Why? Fear!

Thankfully I have my belief that peace and unity can be worked on – by learning, and respecting different peoples, places and things.

Thankfully – that belief eventually came back ‘round to realizing that I can translate those same things internally. I can learn who I am, my personality type, learning style, strengths and weaknesses. And learn that if I can appreciate and find means for peace in others in their diverse ways- I should certainly appreciate and find peace within myself.

I am thankful, and I continue to learn, and I continue to grow in peace.

– I am thankful

Stuck in the sludge

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International Women’s Day 2018

In honour of this International Womens’ Day – 2018

Widowed as young mom of 3
Librarian, sewer
Program writer & facilitator
Powerful, kind, generous woman
I Celebrate her.

Mom of 4
Financial advisor
Celiac and Dairy allergies
Back at college, while still working, and raising kids.
Full of energy, humour and positivity.
I celebrate her.

Mom of 4. Married
While own kids are teens, now fostering
Babies and toddlers
Pouring out her love
Kind, considerate and compassionate
I celebrate her.

Married, no kids
Pastor, humanitarian
Blogger, runner
Introvert, advocate
Fabulous, fun
I celebrate her

Married, Mom of 2.
Highly skilled and loving
Chronic health struggles
Fabulous tutor, helper to refugees and new immigrants.
Cautious and careful
I celebrate you.

Soo many, too many to list. I celebrate the women in my family, and so many other friends in my inner circle, as well as strong or subtle influences in my general life whether in person, peripheral or online.
I celebrate you!

To you movers and shakers- I celebrate you.

To you who are struggling, feeling lost and in pain. Please know you are not alone. I care, and I celebrate you. You are wonderful.

To you who are mistreated, vulnerable, unable to speak. I am learning, my selfish eyes are opening, wanting to advocate, to encourage, to help you. Dear one. I celebrate you.

For us all – I celebrate.

And I am thankful
– R.

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