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Lies / Truth

Part 1:

I lied again today, I can’t seem to get rid of this curse.

Whether it be for convenience, or for fear, I don’t know which is worse.

People don’t trust me. I don’t know what to say.

I lied again today, I can’t seem to get rid of this curse.


Part 2:

May my words be Truth. Infused and emboldened by the strength of Love. 

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Bringing freedom in every breath- in every word spoken.

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Lead by Love, followed by grace and understanding.

     Cracking the curse.

May my words be Truth. Forgiveness received, fears relieved.

     Cracking the curse. 

May my words be Truth.


(This post is dedicated to all the liars, truth tellers, strugglers, enablers, etc… To us Humans.) We are loved, and I am thankful.




Our Stories

Personal, relational, historical, educational, influential.

Our Stories.

Spot drops, deep dives. Literal, metaphorical, amplified, minimized.  

Our Stories.

Truth, lies, helpful, harmful, clear and concise, twisted and winding. Complex and muddied. 

Our Stories.

We all have them-still being written- still being understood/ layered upon/ perhaps dismissed, or altered.

Our Stories. 

What are mine? What are yours? How will they evolve? Will they merge/align? Can we learn from each other’s?

Our Stories.

Painful, Joyful. Boring. Intense. Character development. Plot twists. Growth.

Our Stories.

Personal, relational, historical, educational, influential.

Relevant, useful. Are we listening?

As these are…

Our stories.

… and they are important.


I am thankful



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His grace is sufficient

Sometimes His Grace is

His grace is sufficient
For me

… and I am thankful

So if His Grace is sufficient for me…  And I am to be like Him… How can I express “sufficient grace” to others?

– R

Entrance to a new era

The pendulums are swinging
Trees are being shaken
There is a shifting of seasons
Times are changing.

Hopefully – bringing an entrance to a new era.

Things are coming to light
Hidden for generations
Damage has been done
And will continue to be
If we don’t change.

Are we – bringing an entrance to a new era?

Change is scary, disruptive, emotional
Vulnerabilities will be exposed
Change hurts
Do we dare

Bring an entrance to a new era?

Doors are opening
Things are equalizing
Mobilizing, activating
Society recognizing
It is time.

An entrance to a new era.




Rememberance Day and Freedom

It is “Rememberance Day” here in Canada. A day set aside on our calendars to remember those who lost their lives in armed conflict, with the intention of gaining or keeping freedoms.

Lest we forget:

Our freedom to live, exchange ideas, thoughts, opinions, and learn.

Our freedom to grow in character, strength, and resolve, done in honesty.

Our freedom to be silly, appreciate the humour that comes along in our day to day.

Let’s remember to use our freedom to be thankful… to listen… to encourage… to help… to advocate… to respect, and most importantly,

Use our freedom to do this all in love.




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