professional RuthHi there – my name is Ruth (I guess you know that already). I live in the province of Ontario, in wonderful Canada.  I am a married mom of four incredible children – three girls and one boy (poor child!); he is either going to be the most incredible man, or twisted beyond measure!

I was able to stay home with my children full-time up until my youngest was just shy of a year, then my husband and I started a business. As time progressed, it was agreed that he would continue on within the business, while I pursued training in residential carpentry (an interest for a long time). We knew the business was good, but it wasn’t paying enough of the bills, so the opportunity to become a carpenter was a blessing.

I tend to be shy at first and have some struggles with anxiety that I thought were in the past – but interestingly enough have come to the surface about the same time as starting this blog.

Baby Breanna and MomI am Ruth:

– momma thru and thru

– hikes

– sunshine and roses

– quiet & self-concious

– passive, people pleaser

-ice cream and chocolate

– generally positive nature

– historical fiction

– rule following tendancy

– carpentry and home reno

– momma of 4

– not a box thinker… I prefer file folders thank you very much!

– Jesus follower

– Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, & Self-Control

I am Thankful

blow fish ruth