Month: July 2019

Gentleness- Part 2

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Is there such thing as being too gentle?

Throughout my life I have been considered gentle. While that may be true, I think some of that has been confused with shyness, timidity and fear of “rocking the boat”.

As I learn, grow, and become more self aware; I have come to even more fully come to the conclusion that I want to live my life reflecting Christ in ways that are labelled “The fruits of the spirit”. Basically qualities within a person that reflect their character.

But, how do I ensure healthiness  within myself and my relationships in my life? How do I distinguish between what is gentleness versus what is not.

Gentleness is not being indirect

Gentleness is not avoiding the truth

Gentleness is not non- confrontational

Gentleness does not equate to boring

Gentleness can be reflected in all personality types, all lines of works, all positions of power and non-power

Gentleness is leading all interactions with love and grace. With listening ears, and boldness to speak

Gentleness is exercising self-control in the face of anger

Exuding kindness in the face of hurt

Gentleness is being love to those who perhaps feel unloved

May I reflect this “fruit” in spirit and in truth.

With love and thankfulness.


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