What’s my good news?

That I am safe. Safe with Jesus. With God’s love for me. And that you are safe too! God loves you. 

Whether we believe him, love him, hate him, scorn him. He loves us. And his love is perfect, unlike any other love we have seen. 

We are safe with God. We might not be safe at home, at school, at work, or at church. But we are safe with God. 

We can love, hate, and doubt Him. We can yell, cry, ignore him. We are safe. 

We can fight each other here, debate, argue, get frustrated, down right angry. 

We can be hurt, used, abused. Damaged.

That abuse can be done by “us”, “them”, and “others”.  It can be subtle or out right. 

But we can heal, learn, grow, and go. We can confront, correct, forgive, and restore. 


Because we are safe. Safe in Jesus. Safe in God’s ever perfect, never ending love for us. 

Oh how I don’t understand this. But I am thankful. And that is my Good news.