Hey – So I visited my old high school recently. Yep. It is closing down so that weekend was meant as a celebration of its legacy.

Immediately I was transported back to being a shy, timid girl who was nervous to talk with anyone. But it was good to walk the halls, chat with the few people that knew me and hear of all the good the school has done over the decades it has been open.

As part of the closing ceremony, Patricia Pearson, the granddaughter of of Lester B Pearson (the school’s namesake), spoke. One quote she shared from her grandpa was this:

“Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear, and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.”

ZING! Oh yes!

This can be seen in so many aspects, opinions, cultures, history throughout the world!

BUT for this writing, I would rather focus inward tying into my lifetime struggles with fear.

“… and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.”

Fear of strangers
Fear of other gender
Fear of same gender
Fear of different
Fear of bugs
Fear of dark
Fear of self
And the list continues…

Fears/anxieties back in high school led me to miss many a day due to “headaches” that eventually led to real physical struggles with headaches for years after. My mental state absolutely influenced my physical state bit by bit.

My fears limited me from meeting and establishing friendships.

My fears stopped me from confronting those who assaulted and harassed me.

My fears second guessed every move I made, every outfit I chose, every word I spoke.

Internally I was anything but peaceful. Why? Fear!

Thankfully I have my belief that peace and unity can be worked on – by learning, and respecting different peoples, places and things.

Thankfully – that belief eventually came back ‘round to realizing that I can translate those same things internally. I can learn who I am, my personality type, learning style, strengths and weaknesses. And learn that if I can appreciate and find means for peace in others in their diverse ways- I should certainly appreciate and find peace within myself.

I am thankful, and I continue to learn, and I continue to grow in peace.

– I am thankful