The Struggle

The struggle

Sometimes the struggle is real
Deep, personal
Raw, damaging

Sometimes the struggle is real
Intense, physical
Demanding, draining

Sometimes the struggle is real


Journeying –  thru in times of pain, anguish, frustration, anger.

Journeying – alone, alongside, or from afar. Sometimes stilted, or, methodically walking,  and, at times, even marathoning.

Journeying – is essential for survival, for progress. For new realizations, growth, and times of true thriving.


Sometimes the struggle is real.
In it, around it, through it.
Let’s do it together.

Always thankful – R

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  1. Cheryl Ekodeu

    March 2, 2018 at 2:32 am

    Yes, doing it together is so much better! Important to remember – thanks Ruth.

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