Stuck in the sludge

Burdened- feeling weighted down. Unsure of the thoughts to think – the words to say.


Knowing mentally that I can’t stay stuck or I will end up truly “stuck in the sludge”

I sit with inner groaning, thankful that my God knows me, cares for me and is plenty used to interpreting my lack of words.

Sometimes clarity can come quickly though the power of a nap – which I advocate here:

Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months, years.

Most if the time, clarity comes to me gently- thru the forms of everyday life.  So I find it and benefit from its peace that comes along with it. Often time I get caught up with living in the present and busy-ness of life, I forgot to be thankful.

I am a sporatic writer/ don’t claim to be otherwise, but sometimes the clarity only comes thru the writing (at least for me). You dear peeps- may end up lost in my wanderings- for that potential- I am sorry- maybe a nap will help?🤔😉

I am thankful- R


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  1. Oh yes, naps can help tremendously sometimes!

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