How does God speak to you?
What language does he speak?
Do you hear him speak?
Do you imagine him speak ever?
Is it a thought, a feeling?
Is it all Shakespearean or King James Version?

I had someone tell me awhile ago that they had a thought… but they were not sure if it was a God-given thought – but they suspect it was – but they were trying not to believe that it was – because it was, and I quote:

“grow the fuck up”

… and they were quite sure that wouldn’t be God because He swore.

I suspect that God speaks to us in ways that we will understand. So sometimes that will be gentle, sometimes repetitive, sometimes poetic, and sometimes it’ll be right down harsh and rough.

As parents, do we not try to guide our kids to grow in character and love? Do we not have to speak with each one differently, and differently at each age and stage? Many times our conversations are very informal, and can be quite random as we live through the logistics of life, but there are certainly times when we need to be firm, and I’m sure it is not just me – but sometimes it feels like we have to repeat ourselves 10,000,000 times.

Ultimately I do truly believe that God isn’t limited in how he communicates with us. So I pray that I will have the ears to hear.

Sometimes in my random talking times with God, I sometimes wonder if he is saying – “Really??!!”

I am thankful