Deconstructing my christianity.

You may ask if that is the same as losing your faith?

It can be- it is deeply personal- one’s faith. Many people do.

It doesn’t have to be. Where are you at?

In my case- I love Jesus and fully believe and want to follow his teachings/be more like him (often failing- but fully do).

So I keep Christ, while examining my beliefs surrounding- thus – deconstructing christianity.

You may ask how can you do that- they are kinda merged don’t you think?

Well I guess I take the technique of “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”

Ok, so what would I do?
I would put my focus on the baby. Then I would carefully and lovingly remove the baby from the bath water – then I would empty the bathwater.

Pretty simple if you think of it.

So in the same way- I look to Jesus (figurative baby), and remove all else from there.

Then if you want to take it further – the baby needs caring and such- so you see what the baby needs and add from there.

You see Jesus’ life, teachings, examples- and reconstruct, or maybe better- build new from there.

* Reminder: “Simple” does not equate to “easy”.

You are loved.

– R