Okay, so for years now I have said okey-dokey. I like it- it is a quirky, personable, easy going agreeable statement that lends to my personality (in my humble opinion “IMHO”).

But now that texting is fully incorporated in my everyday life- I want to text how I speak.

So I text “okeedoke”. Why? ‘Cause at first I didn’t know the “proper way” of spelling it.  Now I do…



“Okey-dokey”? Who says “okey” separately from “dokey” anyway? You might say “ok”, or “okay” or 👌 – but “okey”?? Nope
And “dokey” – just doesn’t happen.


“Okeedoke”– it just makes sense! The one word double “ee” centre makes the “O” sound like its name, all whilst making the e’s sound like their name. So that is covered (and efficient might I add). The “e” at the end makes the “o” after the “d” sound like its name- so that is covered.
It is one word like it is said – together-as-one. So that is covered.

Any thing else I should be aware of? (Caveat- I actually don’t really care to know if there is… sorry/not sorry).

My autocorrect on my device corrects to my version of “okeedoke” – it knows me so well (my interpretation = it agrees with me).

So will you join my in my rebellion?


Okeedoke? 😉