#metoo – How many of us?

So in reference again to the #metoo campaign, and the various celebrity/political/religious leader fall outs (people in the public view) that are coming to light… let me ask this:

How many of us have considered the thought that our dear, significant other may in some way or another contributed to someone’s #metoo ?

To truly be aware of how many of the people we know  (and don’t know but see thru social media ) have had unwanted sexual encounters  is frightening.

That being said- how can we not ask the question- within ourselves- within our relationships (no matter how healthy now)?

Which then begs the question… how do we handle it?

Stick our figurative head in the sand?

Approach with anger, expose for all to see no matter what?

Tackle by yourself privately?

Should it depend on how long ago? What exactly it was? Situational? The “grayness” of it?

Seek professional and/or community help?

Now in analyzing this in all of our various circumstances- how do we in turn judge others who do in fact find themselves seriously/literally walking thru this.  Either themselves being exposed for something they did- or their significant other.

Do we jump to mob mentality (see here).

Do we look for false realities/ narratives?

Do we disbelieve  the victims risking adding continued pain to them?

Do we take into account the person in question’s current family… wife/husband/partner, kids, etc.? Their mental and frankly financial impacts?

How do we walk thru this with love, dignity and truth?

Walking towards healing, health, restoration, forgiveness.

How do we take the hard road that includes past and current healing, while implementing future preventatives- thinking of our future generations,

I do not have the answers.

~Oh Lord have mercy. Give us wisdom, strength, healing, restoration, and your true and perfect love. ~


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  1. Thanks Ruth. What a brave, important post!

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