Blame Reassessment

Morning Coffee

This morning I was trying to use our new coffee maker and it just wasn’t working.

I would do what it told me to – it still didn’t work. I would do it again – it still wouldn’t work.
I unplug the thing, waited 30 seconds (that sometimes works with other things right?!), plugged it back in and started it again. IT STILL DIDN’T WORK!

“Breathe Ruth” (remember this is before my morning coffee). Then I read the instructions





and decided to reassess how I actually did it.

It told me to push down on the handle (like I had four other times!), so I did…
… but this time … It felt like it gave more… I pushed down harder and “VOILA” it went down further allowing the coffee to work!

My follow-through had not been there like the coffee maker had been made to accept, so wasn’t really the coffee maker’s fault after all.

Funny story but making a valid point.

There are times when it’s easy to put blame on other things, on other people, and other situations and scenarios. But sometimes when we take a step back (that could be same day, that could be years later), we recognize that in all reality they were doing what they were supposed to be doing – it just didn’t fit our agenda.

Let’s take time today and give pause, so that maybe in the future we choose not to jump on the blame game quite so quickly.

Did anyone say Coffee?…




  1. Good food (or hot beverage!) for thought – thanks Ruth!

  2. just found this – as I’ve just started following some Twitter stuff.
    You’re a good writer Ruth – and a good thinker!

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