As we are a few weeks into 2015 now – I recognize I’m a bit late on the whole “what my goals are for 2015” post – but here I go anyway…

2015 will be a year in which I will continue to strive towards what it means to be “Radically Centered”. To work on my core strength – yes physically – but much more than that. My whole being: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. This should prove interesting as I’m coming into the year more “tangled” than normal. Bringing along physical ailments, emotional baggage, spiritual questions lends to mental drainage and to be honest – complete fatigue. But all this is temporary. My physical issues will resolve, the emotional baggage is being worked through, there will always be spiritual questions – but in a way that moves me forward, lending to mental conditioning and overall improvement. Focusing through it all with a goal of Radical Centerednes will ensure that I keep on track.

2015 will also be a year in which I live conquering fears. No I’m not going skydiving tomorrow, or planning a trip to climb Mount Everest. You know the fears – the quiet ones. The ones that sometimes take you by surprise in your daily life, or the ones that trip you up regularly. The ones that may inhibit me from doing something that would be beneficial in the lives of others, or within my own life. Or the ones that may incur a negative reaction within me that spills out on to others around me and cause hurt. Those ones.

How can I be anything but encouraged with those goals: sounds to me that I will be living a life freer that I ever had. Becoming the women God created me to be – Living a Radically Centered, Fear Busting Life of Love.

I am thankful.