Outrage-Free Friday – it’s a thing

So I have a cousin (I have a few, but well… I’m just talking about this one today). Her name is Patti and she is a Pastor “who runs. Sometimes figuratively … sometimes literally”. She has a blog that I quite enjoy, talking about various things in her life – her family, her church, her city, her school,… and OUTRAGE-FREE FRIDAYS.

So being that today is a Friday – I thought I would do my part in passing this along.

So this post is when she first starts up the idea. Check it out here .

here  is where you can see that others are joining in.

And there are definitely more – but I’ll leave you with this last example here,  for you to reflect and absorb. From there you can feel free to explore her blog and see what else she has to say – it’ll be well worth your time.

Here’s to #outragefreefriday. Let’s pass this on.

I am thankful.



  1. Oh! Hey thanks, Ruth! 🙂

  2. Hey, I know Patti!!! Small world and she’s awesome 🙂 And I am very familiar with Outrage Free Fridays… so imagine my surprise when I saw it here too!
    Very cool! Was just reading through some of your latest posts… really good! Don’t stop! #WriteOn!

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