Meet our pig. He makes me smile. Really he is my husband’s. He used to have somewhat of a collection of pigs that just sort of fell to the wayside through life changes and many moves. So I happened upon this one at a dollar store, all lonely-like on a shelf where he CLEARLY did not belong.

He sits nicely now on our window sill. Hmmm – I guess that is incorrect, he was actually sitting on the window track, then I took him off to get a picture. Now he sits happily on a purple vase. Kinda cool.

ANYWAY – I walk in the room to this during the day…  and I smile. I always feel like he is saying:

Now it is your job to say it in your head like I do, but putting my voice in your head just wouldn’t work.  When I hear myself – I don’t actually hear myself… I think perhaps I hear the voice of maybe say… Morgan Freeman – yeah – he has a fantastic voice. Who do you hear?

Yes – feel free to roll your eyes now; eye… I do!

When I am calm, I can’t help but to smile gently; when hyper – he makes me bounce around to him; when I’m cynical or having a really hope-crushing time, I give more of a smirk and say “yeah – right! When pigs fly!!!”…

All in all,

I am thankful.