It was lovely taking the GO train last week for a couple of days. Here are some reasons why:

– I met a lady who had just written her Canadian Citizenship exam. She was so excited to have passed and finally become a Canadian.

– I was able to chat briefly with a woman who works for the GO maintenance department. She talked about being one of only a few women in maintenance, and how much she enjoys the job. She specifically mentioned how happy she is to see the high schools value and recommend the trades – unlike when she was in high school.

– Seeing the diversity of structures and their upkeep, artwork, residential, commercial and industrial areas along the way.

– Texting, writing notes and thoughts, all while moving along to my destination.

– The whole reason why I was on the GO train was great as I was attending a major construction industry trade-show.

– My timing wasn’t in the major chaos of rush-hour.

– I could even sleep! zzzzzzz

very-innocent-baby-sleeping (1)


What?… You thought I would post a picture of me sleeping?