What is the point of writing?

  • to express your thoughts/feelings
  • to give input to your audience
  • to address people where they are at
  • to ask questions
  • to teach
  • to analyze
  • to debate
  • to process
  • etc…

You know the thought that if your student just isn’t learning what you are teaching – maybe it is you that needs to change the way you teach?  Recently I read “Four signs of a true gentleman” written by Dale Partridge. It rang true and I appreciate that it ran deeper than just surface actions.

However, I found that I was irked a bit by it. These were signs that everybody should be doing in regards to everybody – not just gender to gender. So I though maybe I should write a follow-up article stating the same four things but vice versa: “Four signs of a true woman”, or even better, “Four signs of a true ummm… Adult”?

Doing the dishes – which frankly is what I normally do before or instead of writing – I came to this thought. Sometimes, as much as the point of something can be made for many sectors and demographics, sometimes it is good just to hone in to one specific grouping. Thus making it more available for processing, for absorption, for impact.  Allowing for potential growth and personal change.

This is a good thing.

This is helpful.

This is encouraging.

How can I learn from this?

I did.

… And I am thankful.