Living a life of Love with Jesus as my focus. Trying to always emit the fruits of the spirit. I talked about this here in yesterday’s blog.

The above is what has been my driving force for as long as I remember, so it was reinforcing to know that it still is.

However even in that, it is with new realizations of how off- course some of this took me. Does that mean the above guidelines are bad or wrong? Of course not. But it does mean that it is easy to twist, or go off the mark with some things.

Our personalities, family dynamics (both past and present), life experiences, etc., all play pivotal roles in how we see and adopt things into our lives.

Having people in our lives to speak into us and vice versa, to live out life together in various formats and roles helps us journey in this life. You may even find that they help get you back on track again. For that,

I am thankful.